What’s the biggest social media platform of 2019?


Hello Everyone!

I need a suggestion regarding gaining traffic from social media.


Hi Frazetown, I may or may not be able to help, but what kind of suggestion are you looking for?

Have you tried anything so far? What results?

What training videos have you studied here?

What social media platform are you interested in pursuing? Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest? Do you have an idea?

I gotcha that you want to know which is the biggest/most relevant/most bang-for-buck in 2019, I suspect it depends on your niche, your goals, and how well you can execute.

If you can provide a little info on where you’re at, what you’ve done so far, and what specifically you’re looking to accomplish, it will be easier to give a response that would be actionable for you.

My 2-cents


If you are looking for Free niche buyer traffic, Instagram remains number one followed by facebook free platforms. If you are looking for quick solutions, Instagram and facebook paid ads still remains the first and second. You may consider twitter because of the caliber of people there.