Which one is better - Aweber or Getresponse?


Hi, I am wondering to choose between Aweber or Getresponse for my campaign. I heard the deliverability of Getresponse has gone down recently. Anyone can give some advices?


i don’t know about the deliverability because i didn’t start yet
but i choose GetResponse because AWeber don’t handle direction.
meaning - if i use Gmail in a RTL language (Hebrew / Arabic) i get all the emails sent from AWeber with a wrong direction (so i see the period at the beginning and my picture in the signature is in the wrong place) because they don’t have the direction html tag in the emails
i spoke with the support, and they don’t intend to fix that.
so i switched to GetRespone
and then i found another advantage - they don’t insist to do double opt in like new accounts in Aweber.

but if the deliverability is bad, then it’s a problem. i don’t know about it.



The fact that deliverability of Getresponse went down is a hoax. Aweber and Getresponse are the 2 of the giants in the industry. You can pick one of them without hesitation.
The reason I chose getresponse over Aweber is, GR has a 24/7 live support. You can chat with the helpdesk and they deliver instant solutions. Also, in Aweber, you can’t have a single opt-in lists by default. You have to email them and they do it for you. In Getresponse, it’s a matter of 2 clicks.

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I use aweber and I love it ! I use to have getresponse but I found aweber easier and with more features.

That is my experience!


I think Aweber is much better and has higher deliverability .


Aweber is good and better…


Aweber is the best for me.


I’ve been thinking about Infusionsoft. Anyone here familiar with them? I’ve heard it’s pretty confusing