Why am I not getting sales on Facebook ads?

Hello, I made an ads on Facebook for about 7 days now and I got impression of 3,400 and link clicked about 63

And on my landing page i got about 271 visitors. but no conversion. I am sure i am doing something wrong. Can someone help me? Somebody, Anybody
And shout out to Mr Sean Bagheri. I enjoyed your videos on Youtube man but sadly at the moment I wish i can join your online class. I hope you know what I mean.

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Share a screenshot of your ad and landing page.


I couldn’t get the perfect shot for the landing page. But here is the link. I really appreciate for looking into my issues. Thank you


Your landing page headline is too simple. Try using something catchy. Do a Google search to get some headline ideas and use them in your landing pages.

Same for your ad. It’s too simple. Try engaging people with your ad by asking them to leave a comment. Also make sure images you use in your landing page will match your ad too.

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Thank you so much. I will do that right away. I really appreciate.

Do not put the opt-in box at the bottom of the page… I guess people will not scroll down to see your opt-in box and put their email.

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that’s right, that helps with conversions


Thank you so much I will try and fix that as soon as possible. i was watching a seminar on Youtube held by Neli Patel About landing pages 2017 and he was talking about pretty hard stuff on landing page. I am 2 weeks old on this affiliate marketing. I need help as I need oxygen to breath. I tried Click funnel and I was having problem linking my Awerber mailing system and i deleted that. This landing page i used Getresponse to create this and I feel it’s not even in a Dc grade. I need assistance and I will do anything in my power to archive this.

Use Leadpages.net

It’s much easier to use and better than Clickfunnels

Dear Sean,
I heed to your advice and I tried to create a landing page… I would like you to take a look
please i would love to get some critic https://kastuda.lpages.co/green-juice/

Is this a landing page people see after signing up for a product or it’s the first touch point landing page to capture leads?

it’s the first touch leading to capture leads.

The headline sounds confusing. It feels like I’m supposed to know something about this product but i don’t. Try something more catchy.

Also having a video in the landing page isn’t the best idea, but I would test with and without video see which one works better.

What I was thinking was getting traffic from facebook ads and on the facebook ads i will give a little bit description on the product and then when clicked on the learn more it takes them to this landing page.

I just saw your PLC1-PDF.pdf and it talked about how you can get a catchy headline from the product page you are promoting. I will try to follow that and use google as well

You could do that but too much text in your ad can cause conversion problems but you should test and see it for yourself.

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Sir Sean
How are you
i need to know what is most popular way to get conversion?

Dear Sean,
Thank You for you last video… I tried to make some changes based on your video and I would like you to take a look at this page I created.

Facebook video ads are the best in my experience.

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