Wordpress or leadpages?


I’m following the CB training and built my page as instructed with wordpress using Divi… however now divi won’t let me upgrade on wordpress and my site is down.
Also i’m on module 7 and you’re saying we need aWebber which i understand for email markering and lead pages. Why do we need leadpages of we are building the landing pages on wordpress?
In another video you said that Wordpress site convert and are better for SEO then leadpages. Is this correct? I’m a little bit confused some help would be great.


I think having a wordpress site is a must, the problem with leadpages is that it’s just a landing page builder, not a CMS or content management system so if you want to publish a blog post on your site, you will need to create a page for it on leadpages, add the link manually to the site and go through the entire site to update everything but with WordPress, everything is smooth and better.

CB Masters Academy is a bit tricky because we’re trying to rank on Google and convert visitors to buyers at the same time, so it should be a combination of SEO and Landing Page, that’s why we use Divi or on my newer sites, I use Thrive Architect.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.


What wordpress theme are you using to create a website in your tutorial?



Can be any theme, even the default WordPress theme, the plugin is called Thrive Architect.


wordpress plus elementor plugin is the best for me.


Hi Luisa!

The combination of Wordpress, Thrive Themes (inside wordpress) and Aweber will give you everything you need to build beautiful websites, blogs, landing pages, sales funnels, opt in forms and your mailing list.

If there is anything at all that I can help you with or answer, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Wishing you the best success in 2019!